Cyberpunk 2077 News – Collector’s Edition Confirmed, Demo Differences & My E3 Invite Explanation!

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In today’s Cyberpunk 2077 News video. Today we have a Q1 2019 Earnings Transcript from CD PROJEKT which gives us some insight into new Cyberpunk 2077 information, the developmental speed of CD PROJEKT RED when it comes to Cyberpunk 2077, and some clarification about what I’m doing for E3.

First we have the Q1 Earnings Conference ran by CD PROJEKT where they go into some financial details about CD PROJEKT and CD PROJEKT RED. Now I’m going to heatseek out the meaningful content here as im sure all of you are mainly interested in Cyberpunk. In the opening summary for the earning section CD PROJEKT references payments remitted (which means sent back) by CD PROJEKT RED to its suppliers in relation to the production of physical components of the Collector’s edition of Cyberpunk 2077. This production is carried out at a remote location; Hence it needs to begin early and calls for advanced payments. They also mention their funding of their marketing materials for their ongoing marketing campaign including the quickjly approaching E3.

This is great news because it all but confirms a Cyberpunk 2077 Collectors edition. Now the remote location is interesting because CD PROJEKT RED loves to do all of their stuff in house. Their geralt ronin statue the latest high quality figure from CD PROJEKT RED is produced in house, so I’m incredibly interested to see what will be in the collectors edition if they feel like outsourcing it is a better idea than using the incredible talents they have in studio. Now they don’t necessarily speak on outsourcing, but they do say a remote location which could be owned by CD PROJEKT and CD PROJEKT RED so maybe it is in house but being created somewhere other than in the studio.

CD PROJEKT also mentions that the CD PROJEKT RED store is a limited undertaking but they are satisfied with being able to present high quality designed items for their consumer. They want their merchandise to match the quality of the games they produce. They do plan to expand it in preparation of the launch of Cyberpunk.

Next they mention E3 and make note that they will have a public exhibition with Warner Bros where selected fragments of the content shown at the private business demo will be showcased. While the slides summarize the bulk of our presence at the fair, they are also preparing certain surprises and invite us to monitor social media and / or come to E3 in person.

Now later on in the video I want to clarify up my E3 plans so stick around for that.

In a statement to a question asked to CD PROJEKT, they mention that they want the expansion of the merch store to occur prior to the release of Cyberpunk. They intend to launch it in america as well, but they want to provide American gamers with access to the same selection as the Europeans. According to them, This is coming soon – maybe not in a week or two but soon.

In a question about VR support CD PROJEKT answers that is its not technically speaking difficulty to support VR, but that the issue comes in when factoring game design. They add that their focus on PC and console editions they are not moving in the VR direction as of now.

CD PROJEKT RED also mentions that the 400 people working on Cyberpunk is a team that is no longer growing, except for the QA branch. They also mention that the development of Cyberpunk 2077 is going at Full speed.

Now I did want to clarify on my invitation from CD PROJEKT RED to business sides demo.

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