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Cyberpunk 2077 News – TONS of Developer Answers & Details! (Customization, Weapons, Gangs & MORE!)

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In today’s Cyberpunk 2077 and Cyberpunk 2077 video we have a super packed news episode for you including leveling up your weapons and weapon proficiency, an entire recap and breakdown of the 2 hour podcast featuring CD PROJEKT RED’s Cyberpunk 2077 community manager Lilayah where we learn a ton of amazing details, a tweet of things to come, The Tygers Claw Gang, Cyberpunk Red’s new box art reveal, a huge info dump from Pawel Sasko the Lead quest designer for Cyberpunk 2077 + more!

Getting right into the news we first are going to go through some of the pivotal questions and answers from our Q+A session with Lilayah from CD PROJEKT RED.

The first question we got answered was in relation to the music direcion. The direction has changed drastically. Refused is the first band they are collaborating with and Refused’s music will be represented by the Samurai band in game.
Lilayah also mentions that based on these details that the 2019 Chippin in version will be the one they use in the game and the 2018 version has been scrapped.

Next we have a question about why Johnny Silverhand has dark hair in 2077 when in the source material of 2020 he has blonde hair. They will explain this in game in depth in game, but Lilayah drops a hint that The immortality chip has gone from hand to hand and this could be the reason why Johnny is no longer blonde.

When it comes to how much of Cyberpunk 2077 is CDPR’s vision compared to Mike Pondsmith’s vision, Lilayah mentions that it’s more like a 75 / 25 split in favor of CDPR with Mike confirming that things don’t break the universe.

When it comes to explaining the lore, they will have lore explanations as part of their content drops.

Apartments unfortunately won’t be customizable and we can only have on apartment overall, but they have an internal decision to make regarding vehicle customization.

Our next new detail we learn from Lilayah is that Cyberware can also be removed and replaced.

Map size is a question CD PROJEKT RED has gotten frequently. When asked about the Badlands Lilayah mentions that the nomads will play a larger part in the story.

When it comes to the dismemberment system, you will need powerful weapons to actually dismember an enemy. You won’t be able to harvest body implants from the body.

When it comes to space travel, Lilayah mentions we wont be able to go to space in 2077.

With the introduction of potentially having non-binary characters, V will still be called V although they are still writing the dialogue.

When it comes to gangs, the 6 districts will have a main gang or gangs, and there will be sub gangs like the scavs in each district. The Tygers claw and Valentinos are the new one that seems to be just as big as the voodoooboys and maelstrom.

Clothing wise, yes you will be able to swap out clothes at any time and the lifepath option you pick will change how you are initially dressed.

Surrendering to the police and wanted levels won’t work like they do in GTA, but you will have to hide and lay low if you create too much destruction in Night City.

Next we have an interview with Miles Tost where he explains a very interesting gameplay mechanic. In this interview Miles mentions that Weapon skills increase from usage, and the more you fire or use your weapons the more proficient you will become at them like in real life. As you train and use your weapon the crosshair gets smaller and tighter, accuracy increases, recoil drops and reload speed increase. The shooting range and boxing arena will be a way to train these mechanics and feature an increased learning speed buff.

Next we have even more developer answers to questions that the twitter community have been firing off to Lead quest designer for CD PROJEKT RED Pawel Sasko,

First we have a question from a user asking if you can dress like a corporate, to which Sasko responds that there will be a ton of equipment options including corporate attire.

When it comes to vehicles Pawel mentions that you are able to buy vehicles in the game, although some unique ones can only be obtained in quests.

Next we have a couple quick details.
We also have some of the audio designers from CD PROJEKT RED taking in some of the sights and specifically sounds of Tokyo.

Before I forget I also wanted to add in one more thing, which is a new Cyberpunk 2077 article in a Chinese magazine showing off some new screenshots from the demo as well as the new Superbike in the game.

Next we have a tweet from again Cyberpunk 2077s community manager Lilayah cryptically hinting at something we will see very soon, with an image of the girl from the E3 trailer modyfing herself with her missing jaw. There’s been some speculation it’s a character creator, which Lilayah has debunked.

Finally we have the reveal of Cyberpunk Red’s box art for the Jumpstart kit coming out on august 1st at GenCon. We also get our first shot at the dice for Cyberpunk red.

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